Berry plantation management software

eBerry is the most versatile and complete berry plantation management system on the market.


Intuitive and of great value

eBerry helps you manage all aspects of your berry production in one place.

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Know better, plan smarter

Use on the plantation to track your costs, organize plantation work, and improve.

Irrigate smarter

Precisely irrigate your berry plantations to achieve quality and be economical.

Treat with confidence

Know when there is high pressure of mildews, or when you can wait with spraying.

Reduce administration

Plan your resources, and track performance of pickers with one of the most versatile tools available.

Understand better

Pair activity notes with sensor data and science. Understand what is happening in your plantation, and why.

Intuitive and secure

Built in collaboration with berry growers, eBerry is simple to use and keeps your data only yours.

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